America is not only a failing state but is a failed experiment, and this coronavirus pandemic has become one of the most significant proof. The United States can not be exonerated from this blame as there can not be any absolution for not coping up with the rights and duties of a state. Racism and Narcissism are America’s original sin and hence characterizes Trump’s administration has its origin in the US colonial past. In the future, almost two or three centuries ahead, when the historians will commence writing the book about the catastrophes of the no longer existing or defunct American experiment, and each of them will confront an undisputed truth: That regardless of the American declaration of its exceptional history, assertions of opportunity and fairness, the real factors of bigotry, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and gross financial disparities as rehearsed in American culture continually gave a false representation of these beliefs.

Future specialists should consider whether America’s definitive temperances ever gotten an opportunity to prosper, or were just myth meant to soothe the American ego.

“US President Donald Trump is an unrepented racist and a malignant narcissist, who also readily espouses Islamophobia, xenophobia, and misogyny. Evidence of his bigotry extends at least as far back as May 1989, when he placed a one-page advertisement in the New York Daily News calling on New York state to execute the Central Park Five – five African American and Latino teens wrongfully accused of beating and raping a jogger.”[1]


America has seen numerous occurrences from squandering of trillions of dollars in the cold war, Vietnam, and the nuclear arms race and atomic weapon contest to the timid government corruption during the presidency of Richard Nixon. The divesture from the American social safety net and the monstrous deregulation of corporations which was commenced in the 1980s remained unabated during the Presidency of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama. The First Gulf War in 1990-91 and the enhanced US responsibility to perpetual, preemptive wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and somewhere else in the decades since. The 2008 lodging bust and the Great Recession that lone further profited corporations while granulating millions down into destitution and the gig economy.

These all incidents have driven the US to its present disaster, the progressing novel coronavirus pandemic, as this country had severe underlying conditions, and this virus exploited it ruthlessly. Things persisting in this country for a long time is a corrupt political class, a rigid and unresponsive bureaucracy, a heartless economy, a divided and the distracted public had gone untreated for a considerable length of time.

The crisis demanded a response that was swift, rational, and collective. The United States reacted instead like Pakistan or Belarus—like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering.”[2]

As every president chooses how to manage the flow of information, and that is when President Trump designed his White House to fail. When the cases of COVID-19 started to spread at an alarming speed and lethality in China, President Trump thought that it is a ‘new hoax’ by the Democrats. So, the crisis which could have been mitigated at a very early stage was left because of the denial of US President Donald Trump. COVID-19 also highlighted one more epidemic that has plagued American society since the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America,[3] 1607, and that is American Narcissism.

America’s narcissism was and stays more irresistible than any infection, as the fascination of assumed riches and tremendous achievement has been a balm for some Americans for ages, regardless of how fantastical.


Every morning when the Americans woke up in the endless March, they found themselves in a failed state having no national plan. Families, schools, and offices were left on their own decisions with no coherent plans formulated by the state to combat this pandemic. At the point when test kits, gowns, masks, and ventilators were seen as in urgently low inventory, governors argued for them from the White House, which slowed down, at that point approached private undertaking, which could not convey. States and urban areas were constrained into offering wars that left them prey to cost gouging and corporate profiteering.

 “Civilians took out their sewing machines to try to keep ill-equipped hospital workers healthy and their patients alive. Russia, Taiwan, and the United Nations sent humanitarian aid to the world’s richest power—a beggar nation in utter chaos.”[4]

Even Harvard stopped its face to face classes, and the NBA postponed their remainder of 2019-20 season, before other universities. Washington, DC had 50 plus different responses to the crisis, from lockdown in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and California to barely any precautions taken in Texas, Alabama, and Florida. Social Distancing was a joke in the state, and a lot of Americans violated these basic norms and were frolicking at the beaches and were having public gatherings as if there were national holidays announced.

The need for profit over protecting the citizens? As just like American Narcissism, American racism has also grown from the equivalent harmful soil that joins insatiability and a hankering for power with an absolute dismissal for entire swaths of humankind. America’s narcissism and racism work hand in glove. For what other reason would Trump purposely fix “corona” in his talking points and change it with the “Chinese virus” for press briefings in mid-March?

No president can ever predict what crisis will consume his presidency, even if he can be assured that something will. What a president can do is run his White House in a way that gives him the best chance to succeed in a crisis. Because of how the Trump White House operates, it was set up to fail.[5]


This is stunning to see a superpower like America having a lack of leadership, and it is populace’s denial of these facts is utterly astonishing and gobsmacking.

Due to the 400 years of this American narcissism and racism have led to a sad truth, many Americans hardly care about the other Americans, especially those who are black and brown and that too especially during this pandemic.

America will remain a superpower and a prosperous nation, yet, with such an extensive amount that influence and riches always combined under the control of wealthy whites and the corporations.

The fight to overcome the pandemic must also be a fight to recover the health of our country, and build it anew, or the hardship and grief we are now enduring will never be redeemed. Under our current leadership, nothing will change. If 9/11 and 2008 wore out trust in the old political establishment, 2020 should kill off the idea that anti-politics is our salvation. But putting an end to this regime, so necessary and deserved, is only the beginning.[6]

Things that can be learned from these days are that inanity and injustice are deadly; that, in a democracy, being a citizen is essential work; that the option in contrast to solidarity is demise. After we have come out of stowing away and removed our masks, we ought not overlook what it resembled to be separated from everyone else.

The coronavirus pandemic will not dive the US into obscurity. However, this emergency is a sign, an alarming sign that the US as both a steady nation-state and a symbol of opportunity, and goodness is a blatant deception.


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