Legisnations International Centre for Legal Studies

Legisnations has helped law students and young lawyers in making informed and inspired choices about their careers. Having closely interacted with law students, legal academia, and the legal industry in the past, and we are uniquely placed to understand the learning needs of law students and young lawyers. We provide courses after multiple rounds of reviews and as per the demands of the industry and academics. Our courses come with live sessions, regular communication, special career webinars, and an unwavering commitment to make our students learn! We are associated with top tier firms to provide our students with the best practical exposure after the completion of the courses.


1. We help you to propel your legal career by making you learn the intricacies of the field from our panel of eminent practitioners and academicians.

2. We help you to provide unparalleled access to professional networks and career opportunities.

3. We provide a constant dose of inspiration through webinars and let the students know how they can convert their journey into super success.

4. All our course offerings are geared towards preparing you for the profession.

5. A personalized certificate is issued upon the successful completion of the course.


  • To achieve excellence in legal field is the broad vision of LICLS.
  • To impart futuristic technical and professional education in the legal field and instill high pattern of discipline and sincerity.
  • To make legal fraternity technically and ethically strong to lead the Nation.


  • To make incessant endeavor to translate our vision into a reality and achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide facilities and ambience for advance level of learning and practical training at an affordable cost.
  • To enlighten individuals with qualitative and technical parameters and enriching legal skills for developing them into global citizens with conscience, commitment and dedication. .
  • To strengthen ties with industries, professional societies, accrediting bodies and statutory authorities.