The best and the most efficient person having visionary leadership is the one who will lead the workplace, is the idea we have of a workplace. 

But usually, it is not true in many small and big countries across the globe. Nepotism prevails almost at every workplace and one has to encounter it during his/her career.

Nepotism is a term that challenges the very concept of fairness in terms of opportunities amongst individuals. 

It is the practice where individuals having power, influence, and/or dominance in a society favors their own relatives and known ones, especially by providing them jobs.

It is a kind of favoritism that is based on kinship. It also means the abuse of power to support a specific group’s interest, usually based on personal greed.

Sometimes nepotism is almost impossible to avoid as it prevails everywhere including the corporate world, political world, entertainment world, business world, and so on.


In the corporate world sometimes the companies employ people with fewer qualifications and experience as compared to the other employees or job seekers solely on the basis of his or her personal relations with the employer.

This not only hampers the morale of the other employees in the organization but also makes it very challenging for the nepo kid to adapt and work in such kind of an environment and a feeling of being unworthy might just pop into his head.

In the same manner, the established businesses leave a legacy for their future generations along with indulging all the closed ones into this business.

In India, it is often said that ‘The son of a politician is always a politician’ keeping this in mind we have seen many instances where the children or sometimes the close relatives gain political power because of the support from their known leaders. 

Don’t you think this is in a way discouraging for the other, perhaps more deserving candidates to compete against the son of a well-known politician?

If we talk about the entertainment industry be it movies, music, etc. There is a fair chance that an actor can easily promote and establish a career of his or her closed ones in the industry with the help of his contacts in the industry.


Though, Nepotism is almost impossible to keep away from. But is there something we can do about it? If we think of giving equal if not more, opportunities to people starting afresh who have better or even adequate qualifications, capabilities, and talent for performing the job.

Don’t you think the policies of anti-nepotism be followed in the workplace and also constant monitoring of the workplace be done to ensure such relationships have not developed ?.



Nepotism not only hinders the quality of the job But also can possibly create an environment which is demoralizing for the other people.


The decrease in the quality of work If someone who is not adequately qualified or worthy of performing a task performs It because of favoritism, this will affect the quality of the work at the workplace. 

It will lead to a decrease in the performance of the workplace in the long run.


If the individuals are treated with discrimination at the workplace, ie, if they are paid less than the other individual with the same qualifications and skills or if they are not hired or denied work in favor of a closed relative or friend, it deteriorates the Goodwill of the workplace in the eyes of the society. 


People who are much more talented and capable of a particular job feel demotivated, lack confidence, and feel alienated because of this biased behavior,  which might affect their mental health.


Nepotism also hinders competition and innovation as giving the opportunity to a person belonging to the same set of backgrounds as that of the employer might not bring in new and innovative ideas at the workplace. old practices will be followed without any question or competition.

Nepotism is likely to create a hostile environment at the workplace where the employees are likely to have a negative opinion about the employer.  


People who are more fulfilling or competent might just quit the particular job or choose a different career because of the constant favoritism and failure.


Nepotism might also result in some practical difficulties at the workplace like causing confusion because of the conflicting views of the relatives in the workplace, communication gap between them, etc. 


Nepotism might just have a serious effect on the mental wellness of the people who face the repercussions of it. people might feel worthless, insecure, and left out which will have a serious impact on their mental health.


Hence, The people with power should understand that Bringing friends and family into your business can be tricky. Whether or not you hired them for the right reasons, it can be difficult for existing employees to adapt and it might just not be fair for them.

It should be clear that hiring friends or relatives just because you know them isn’t beneficial to your workplace. 

However, if you have a friend or family member that you know can truly benefit your business, you must be smart about how you introduce them to the business.

A fair chance must be given to each and every person who tries to seek a job/career and is competent to do so and he should also be encouraged by the superiors/seniors to create relationships and prove his abilities.

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Nepotism is a term that challenges the very concept of fairness in terms of opportunities amongst individuals. 
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