Have I dreamed my life or is it real? I am not sure.

Walter von der Vogelweide

The notion of dreams in itself is very confusing, sometimes when you wake up it is impossible to differentiate between a dream and reality: Why?

I hereby submit that this is not a psychological article, this is a piece taking into account different possibilities of dreams and viewpoint of some two great authors and at last me. Do not reason this article with psychological facts and pure science as for we―exist in an endless world of possibilities. Moreover, a ‘fact’ be it psychological or any other kind can be disputed in the future, just like people termed Earth to be flat for a long period of time.

There is no difference between waking and dreaming – Frazer’s idea

The author is highly talented and he put forward his idea beginning with a man who is a hunter. Imagine the fact, that this man in his dreams goes into the jungle and kills a lion. When he wakes up he is stuck in a dilemma, a thought emerges, was it his soul that abandoned the body and killed a lion? Or is it so that he killed the lion in the lion’s dream and both dreams converged. This is a common thing that is prevalent in children, they many a time cannot tell the difference between dreams and reality. The children are the purest form of humans as there is no preconceived notion, no societal bias installed in them. There may be a possibility where there is a point of convergence between dreaming and waking as for one there is a motion of shift from the one place to the other.

The idea of one dreamer

The idea of solipsism must be stated here, that there is for certain one mind or self that exists. The idea of the author here is that there exists only one, the one dreamer that makes us believe that the dreamer is every one of us. That dreamer let―us imagine that I am he is, at this very moment, dreaming you(Borges, Seven Nights). This dreamer is now dreaming that you are reading this article. It is this entity that has dreamt all about the historical wars, magical movies and your relationship crisis. This may just not be a reality and how can you be sure this is reality? There are two ideas that are presented: Waking and dreaming are two separate things and the poetic belief that all the part of waking is dreaming.

Bridging the gap between dead and alive

All the above ideas that are presented are of renowned literature experts, however, this last idea is what I derived after much deliberation and by taking into account the various pieces on this subject matter.

In many of the ideas even given by Borges in Seven Nights, he states that there can be some connection of nightmares to hell―terming it as supernatural and cry from hell, which in turn, generates the notion of division of hell and heaven as to the nature of the dream. An Oneironautics is a person who consciously travels or interacts within the dream. Now if a person has the conscious decision to travel in a dream, can he or she travel to both: hell and heaven. It is often said, the soul can travel to both the places, so a living man dreaming but consciously waking travels to a place where only the dead can travel? As Borges said, ‘Why not? Everything is so strange that even this is possible.’