Legisnations believes in personal and professional growth. This platform has provided opportunities to various individuals in order for them to develop their skills. 500+ students and professionals have interned and worked with Legisnations. This page contains the testimony of various individuals who have worked with Legisnations. We are delighted to have them and their efforts have surely made our platform effective. For Internships and other career-related queries, mail us at

It was great working with Lesignations, Learnt a lot!

Neha Mehta, Legal research Intern, CMR University

It was a nice experience interning with LegisNations which not only improved my legal research skills but also did give me a brief idea on how to draft an article.

Elton Fernandes, Legal Research Intern, Rizwi Law College

It was a great experience to work as an intern it gave me knowledge about many many cases. I thank you for all the support all throughout.

Ashlyn Jerry, Legal Research Inern, Amity University

The internship was really beneficial for me. I learned a lot of things. I am thankful to the internship coordinator to select me and my CV and giving me an opportunity to learn and understand the practical aspect of law through the internship.

Prativa Mishra, Legal Research Intern, University law College, Utkal University

It was very good experience of internship at LegisNations. Our Communication Coordinator is so co-operative and humble in nature. He supports with full heart whoever it needs. The webinars organised by LegisNations were so helpful in terms of knowledge and apprehension of topics. Overall it was quite good experience for me

Beni Prasad Rathore, Legal Research Intern, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University

It was really a nice experience with lagisnations and I was able to learn a lot about various legal issues.Loved to be a part of Legisnations. Thank you

Shahana Mol Shaji, Legal Research Intern, Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerela

It was a really nice experience with legisnations. I learned the very necessary basics of PR and work ethics. The team was very cordial . Thank you.

Tanishka Vats, PR and Marketing Intern, Amity University

Great exposure and learning skills by the mentors.

Loved to be a part of Legisnations.

Vaishali Rathi, PR & Marketing Inter

Internship with Legisnations was a great learning experience and an excellent exposure. I learnt to write Articles and draft summary for the latest news. Various competitions were a perk. All in all it was great to intern with Legisnations.

Vaishnavi Arora, Legal Research Intern, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

It was an enriching experience overall and I was able to learn a lot about various legal issues along with my skills for social media marketing.

Gracy Singh, PR and Marketing Intern Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University

My Internship started on 11th june with Legisnations. We were asked to introduce each other and then assigned the internship tasks .My first task was to research upon on various aspects of Jurispudence and Hindu marriage Act , 1955. After submitting the first task the second one given to me was to write Articles on 3 topics given to me . It was a meaningful process as I thoroughly researched and wrote articles on all the 3 topics . The last task was to research upon constitutional Law . I submitted all my work on time and this helped me learn New things and also the Importance of being punctual with your work during the internships .

Esha Thakur, Legal Research Intern, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University

Interning under Legisnations has been a learning experience exploring different hemispheres of the legal world. The first assignment corresponding to the summarisation of the subject of Jurisprudence helped understanding the concepts in a better manner. The second task was to accumulate the health news for a period of ten days. The third task involved making of a quiz on the features of the Constitution which helped in revision of the Constitutional framework. Gratitude for providing me with the opportunity.

Shailza Agarwal, Legal Research Intern, Symbiosis Law School, Noida

This internship helped me a lot in enhancing my research skills . Everyone were very supportive and helpful. I learned a lot from this internship which will help me in my future . This internship helped me slot to understand legal issues . All the tasks given were different and interesting . Mentors helped a lot during this internship.

Meenakshi Goswami, Legal Research Intern, Amity Law School

The internship was quite enriching and overall a wonderful experience to enhance one’s personality altogether.

Ritu Janjani, Legal Research Internship, Dharamshastra National Law University

Legisnation is one of the best organization I came across during my internship life. It is the first arbitration centre I worked with. It is so liberal, no such heavy work load, interns are given enough liberty to work in their own matter. Also they provided with so many insighful articles during the tenure. The communication associate is very active and helpful. Overall it was an amazing experience to work with them.

Sulagna Sarkar, Legal Research Intern, South Calcutta Law College

Wrote articles on the topics like 5 decisions by NGT that created history, Right to Pray: A Legal or a Fundamental Right, Fate of Arrested: Does India needs laws on custodial deaths? Researched different aspects of the Indian Constitution, I was overwhelmed with knowledge.

Arushi Singhal, Research Intern, O.P. Jindal Global University

Legisnations widened my horizon regarding the different aspects of research and helped me in enhancing my research skill. It was an enriching experience. Researched upon important subjects of law like CPC and Sales of Goods Act. I also wrote articles on various contemporary issues.

Eesheeta Setia, Advocate, Legal Research Intern

Internship with Legisnations was an enriching experience and a great learning journey!

Aastha Rathi, PR and Marketing Intern Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University

I had done my research work in Hindu law, Delhi rent control act, & suspension of IBC, regulation on media, condition of a refugee during COVID 19, part 12, and 13 of the constitution. It was a great experiences to work with Legisnations as at every step sir guided me whenever I had doubt and also I learned so many things…

Prachi Awasthi, Advocate, Legal Research Intern

The internship experience was fantastic, it certainly helped me to learn a lot more than I expected, the work given to me included preparing notes of Indian evidence Act, writing articles on diverse legal issues and then finally drafting multiple choice questions on some part of Indian Constitution. Every work assigned to me brought its own challenge which further provided me exposure to research and analyse in a way i have not done before, for this i am really thankful to the LegisNations team for making me a part of this growing platform, and helping me enhance my skills.

Aryan Raj Kashyap, Legal Research Internship, National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad

Internship under this organization was most exciting and I had learned a lot from my friends and mentors, Bhavya Sir, and Rishabh Sir. It was best experience and I wish to work with this organization again.

Archit Rohit, Legal Research Intern, West Bengal National University of Juridical Science

The experience has enabled me to cultivate a greater interest for writing articles. It has also helped me acquire knowledge in various subject and get updated with the current laws in place on various topics

Darshin Parekh, Legal Research Intern, National Law University, Jodhpur

My experience with LegisNations was both informative and fun. The work assignments enhanced my knowledge and widened my horizon regarding the various facets of law. The people in charge of our internship were sweet and helpful.

Prarthana Gupta, Legal Research Intern, National Law Institute University, Bhopal

This internship proved to be extremely beneficial for me and even assisted me in improving and uplifting my skills and techniques. The knowledge helped me in gathering and conjuring a more meaningful approach towards dealing with most problems revolving around this area. Hence the overall experience from this internship will have a profound effect on my career and has helped in creating the foundations of my future goals and aspirations.

Pranjul Dalela, Legal Research Intern, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

It was very nice to be a part of such a wonderful platform. The internship here was very informative and we had a very good experience and exposure in this online internship.

Harsh Srivastava, Legal Research Intern Chanakya National Law University, Patna

I have learnt the importance of in depth research through the course of this internship. I have been careful with drafting articles on current developments and with legality of certain concepts. I have also learnt new concepts and principles of the penal code , constitution and other specific areas of law.

Jumana Basheer, Legal research Intern, National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi

My experience with LegisNations has been good. The organization gave us a lot of good research work which improved my research skills and also asked us to prepare articles and writeups. I made notes on CrPC and wrote articles on various themes and also prepared a questionnaire on the topic of Indian Parliament. Overall the organization provided a good opportunity and even our in charge Bhavya Sir was a good mentor.

Puja Mistry, Legal Research Intern, Government Law College, Mumbai

It was a fruitful experience I did research work on several different legal topics including the Constitution of India, Drone laws, Sexual Harrasment, Lengthy judgements and even drafted a quiz on the part IV of the constitution.

Shivam Kunal, Legal Research Intern, Institute of law, Nirma University

I have had such an amazing experience working with the organization. I have learned many new things and I am looking forward to apply all my experience and my learning in my personal as well as professional life.

Manasvita Parashar, Research Intern, Maitreyi College, Delhi University

My E-internship with LegisNations was one of the most unique and learning experience for me. Even amidst the Covid crisis, I was able to obtain knowledge about various legal subjects and issues. This internship helped me in honing my research, writing, and literally skills by providing me with the opportunity to complete various tasks and responsibilities, like, Note Making (research), Article Writing, etc.These skills will certainly help me in my pursuit of becoming a successful Lawyer someday and hence I am eternally grateful to LegisNations and all it’s members for providing me with this fruitful opportunity.

Swapnil Jain, Legal Research Intern, Institute of Law, Nirma University

I had a great learning experience with Legisnations. Im thankful for the immense learning opportunity given by them. In my course of the internship, I had to write news articles for week 1. It gave me an insight about the socio-legal happenings around the world. For week 2, I had to write articles on topics like international law, dishonour of cheques, and law of torts. This again helped me widen my learning horizons. It helped in clarifying my concepts in the above mentioned topics. I also had the chance to improve my researching and writing skills which is very important for any law student. Finally in the 3rd week, I had to prepare a quiz from some topics of the Indian Constitution. Overall, it was an extremely helpful experience. Thank you Legisnations.

Lawanya Khanna, Legal Research Intern, Centre for Legal Studies, GIBS (affiliated to GGSIPU)

I’m very glad that I got an opportunity to work with LegisNations. I had a very learnable and a healthy experience. Will surely look forward for more opportunities to work with you. Thank you

Maahi Saxena, Legal Research Intern, Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University

Wrote a few news articles on India’s international relations. Research work on – Scope on international law, Prosecution of Offences committed by Judges and Public Servants and Extension of Appeals and Applications for Sufficient Cause. It was a full of knowledge experience.

Sushmitha Ramkumar, Research Intern, Bennett University

Interesting research work along with article writing made for a fruitful experience with Legisnations.

Shivam Singh, Research Intern, NMIMS, Mumbai

During my period of internship with Legisnations, I did research on Part III of the Indian constitution and negotiable instrument act with it I even provided detailed news related to environmental laws. I was an enriching experience.

Tanima Banerjee, Research Intern, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

I have gained a huge amount of knowledge legally and how work is done professionally.
It was overall an amazing experience!

Naman Seth, Legal Research Intern, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

I got to learn about new topics and experienced a lot with this organization. It was an amazing experience working with Legisnations.

Mansi Raghav, Legal Research Intern, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Internship at Legisnations helped me with Building networks, communication skills and social media handling.

Khushi Narang, PR and Marketing Intern, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University

It was great! It helped me work on my public relations skills the most! The Internship was really great!

Muskaan Kashyap, PR and Marketing Intern, St. Xavier’s College

With the help of this internship I got to test my social media marketing skills, I learned to convince people and how to communicate better with them. 30 days passed by and I didn’t even realize. Overall I had a great experience and I’m thankful to the organization for letting me work with them.

Mridula Vibin Nair, PR and Marketing Intern, Banasthali Vidyapeeth.

Legisnations provided me great opportunity to involve in many exciting and interesting events. The experience of association with the organization was beneficial as it helped me in developing insight on many topics especially related to law. Moreover, it also helped me in developing my communication skills and provided the opportunity of interaction with the students of other institutions in many different disciplines.

Samiksha Uniyal, PR and Marketing Intern, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Working with LegisNations was enriching as well as a learning experience!

Khushi Rastogi, PR and Marketing Intern, Amity University

Legisnations mentored me by giving real-time exposure to the industry. They have provided me help in terms of confidence-building as well as in exemplary writing skills. They guided me whenever needed. I am glad to be a part of Legisnations.

Tanmay Vashishta, Public Relations and Marketing Associate, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies


“Truly the best way to engage law in your daily life.”
I developed a great camaraderie with LegisNations and their dedication towards making law a very interesting aspect of one’s life. I appreciate their attention to detail and a creative approach to bringing new ideas related to the law for competitions to life in the online mode. There has been a natural adoption of the platform. Participants immediately see the benefits to themselves, their teams, and the company as a whole. Plus, the members are very amiable, so the whole journey becomes very easy and full of fun.

Aashi Sharma, Public Relations Associate, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.


I am pursuing BBA L.L.B from UPES, School of law. Legisnation is a platform where people can learn end number of new things like debating, content writing and people can showcase their skills. Legisnations keep their participants motivated by giving them prices and certificates. I joined as a member of the legisnations and working with them is a very enriching experience for me. I get to know too much after joining legislations, and I thank everyone Associated with legisnations for giving me the opportunity for being a member.
In this competitive world legisnations is the platform where people can enhance their knowledge, their skills, and they can gain and learn many new things. A vote of thanks to the legisnations team. Thanks.

Paras Miglani, Social Media Marketing Associate, University of Petroleum and Energy studies.


Legisnations has been a family to me. They have provided me with help in terms of my career and guidance when needed. I am glad to join such an organization.

Chetna Alagh, Public Relations and Marketing Associate